"It's not murder, it's war."

The Gods of Heavenly Punishment - Jennifer Cody Epstein
This is a multi layered book.  As the reader, I found myself both liking and hating many of the characters.  All are interwoven in an epic story. The book takes place during WWII.   I loved and hated the Japanese, and I loved and hated the Americans.  Who was right?  Who was wrong?   I loved the character of Yoshi, felt pity for her mother and absolutely hated her father.   I almost cried when Cam's plane crashed in Japanese territory.  One character justifies his actions by convincing himself "It's not murder. It's war."  Reminds me of the saying "War is Hell."  My dad once told me-"War is war and hell is hell.  No one deserves war, everyone in hell deserves to be there."
War is never pretty.  This is a depressing story, but uplifting at the same time.  Confused yet?  You won't be.  The author is able to merge all the characters together in short connected stories.
This is a very well written, well orchestrated novel.  At  times, difficult to read.  It took me a while to finish this book.  My knowledge of WWII is from history books and old movies.  I can't imagine how horrible it was.  
Source: http://bookloversparadise.blogspot.com