Fun Fun Book

The Alliday Poem Book of Silly Celebrations - S. M. Westerlie

What a fun book! You will never get tired of reading the entertaining bits and pieces from this book. There are many quotes that are indeed 'thought provoking' but for the most part, this book is just plain fun to read. Do you know that June 1st is Dinosaur Day? Neither did I. June 1st is also National Go Barefoot Day, flip a coin day and National Hazelnut cake day. (June 1st has no special significance, just picked this day because my kid loves dinosaurs). There are plenty of cute short poems for each day. You are certain to get a chuckle while reading this book. I looked up my birthday to find The Universal Postal Union was established in 1874. Not only are fun things included, but you will learn interesting facts (my birthday is also Fire Prevention Day)