The Medici Boy

Medici Boy - John L'Heureux

To begin, I was given a copy of this book for review. I was neither asked,nor encouraged to write a positive review.


Now, with housekeeping out of the way, I truly enjoyed this novel.


The Renaissance period is amazing..and this book is no exception.
We see the inner workings of the workshop of the great Donatello, through the eyes of Luca Matteo.
Luca is a young man who, himself, is fascinated by the great Donatello. He arrives at the workshop of the master via a convoluted path. We see his character grow and change throughout the novel. We see and feel his love, anger, feelings of betrayal and ultimately his horrific act of violence to protect the master Donatello.

We learn about the fine artisanship that occurs in the master's workshop. We meet several high placed renaissance individuals, including Cosimo de Medici and his arch enemy, the Albizzi's. We become embroiled in the political mess that was Renaissance Italy.


Mostly, this is a sad story about forbidden love.


We watch as Donatello creates his DAVID statue, while he himself, the mighty Goliath of this time is being brought to his knees by his love for the model of David.

I found myself feeling pity for the great master, as well as for Luca, the teller of the story.

While reading, I kept thinking Donatello IS the Medici Boy, but as I finished the novel, I realized the true identity of THE MEDICI BOY.

Heartbreaking, thought provoking, gut wrenching. This novel will affect you one way or another.


I give this book 5/5 stars and encourage anyone interested in art, or Renaissance Florence to read this well written book. You will not be disappointed. But...if you can't tolerate gore, skip over the part about the cat...