Becoming Josephine

Becoming Josephine: A Novel - Heather Webb

Words cannot describe my feelings
after reading this book.

Josephine Bonaparte has always
been an individual I've found fascinating.
This story created a desire to learn more.
What a vivid, lively woman!

The ordeals she faced and overcame.From
her early days in Martinique
to her rise and fall from grace.

Stunning portrait of a trying time
in French history.

The reader will lover her,
cry with her and feel
her pain and distress.

You will also hate her detractors
(there are many-
especially those darned Bonaparte's-
I detest them)
This is a testament to the writing
strength of Heather Webb.

A book definitely worth reading, even if you are not
a fan of French history.
Read it for the strength and fortitude of an amazing