7 days with Adam

7 Days with Adam - Jay Speights


Imagine waking up one day and meeting Adam. First man on Earth. Adam, who along with Eve, is responsible for Original Sin. (honestly, I've never much believed in the concept of original sin-I think of Eve as more of a liberator. She and Adam are responsible for giving us knowledge and the ability to question everything, solely because they ate from that tree)

Now Imagine being able to spend seven days with Adam learning, having questions answered, and generally having your eyes opened up to amazing truths.

WOW. I have to admit, I'll never think about things quite the same way again. Personally, I've never been one to believe in the ritualistic trappings of religion, being more interested in the message than anything else.

Reverend Speights does a wonderful job of taking Biblical ideas, endless questions, and spiritual ideas and explaining them in ways that will make the reader question his/her own beliefs.

My advice is to read this book with an open mind. You may not agree with everything you read, but I promise, you will enjoy the book. It won't rock your faith (whatever you may believe) but it may have you questioning a few things, and questioning is always good.

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