Great sci fi series

Perception (The Perception Trilogy #1) - Lee Strauss



Fantastic story. Action from the very beginning to the end, only it doesn't end. This is book one of a series.


I love dystopian books. Stories about what could possibly happen in our future.
Zoe is a GAP. A genetically altered person. Only the very rich can be altered, telling us this is a story also about class structure. The GAPs are well treated, pampered and have everything. Those who can't afford to be GAPs live on the outskirts. They are not so lucky.


Noah is not a GAP, in fact, he hate's GAPs...but he doesn't hate Zoe.

Zoe goes on the run looking for her missing older brother Liam, Noah decides to help her.

This story just flows. Even if you are not a fan of sci fi you should like this story. Zoe and Noah are fantastic characters. Despite their differences, they fit together.

Lee Strauss has me hooked.