Heloise and Abelard

The Sharp Hook of Love: A Novel of Heloise and Abelard - Sherry Jones

Heloise and Abelard. .


I've thought of them as the original Romeo and Juliet. Their story full of wonder and sadness. Well this is a sad story.


The starcrossed lovers who could not catch a break.


Heloise is a strong, forward thinking woman in a time when women were quiet and not well educated. Abelard was a philosopher who became her teacher. They committed the ultimate sin by falling in love. Love a sin? Apparently so.


I can't say I was very sympathetic to Abelard. I found him to be selfish and less than amazing, however, I don't believe he deserved his punishment for love.

Heloise, on the other hand, was an amazing character. She was strong, charming and an empathetic character. I cannot understand, nor agree with some of her decisions.


The actual writings of the two are threaded throughout the book. I must admit, the short pieces of their letters to each other have me yearning to learn more about this couple.


I enjoyed this book and encourage anyone interested in romance or history to read this well written book.


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