The Tiger Queens

The Tiger Queens - Stephanie  Thornton

Stephanie Thornton is one of my favorite authors.

Prior to reading this novel, I had little knowledge of Genghis Khan. However, I chose to read and review this book because it was authored by Ms. Thornton.

I was astounded! This is perhaps her best book yet.


Ms. Thornton likes to write about strong, empowered women of history. The Tiger Queens focuses on several women connected to Genghis. His Empress, his daughter, and daughter in law. This is a story about women who lived and thrived in a man's world.

Women of substance, strength and power. You will fall in love with these women, you will envy and encourage them. You will cry with them, laugh with them and triumph with them. Don't get me wrong, there are also one or two characters that will set your teeth on edge..

Genghis himself is quite a character. We watch him grow from young boy to old man. I've always thought of him, and his people as mindless marauders. I couldn't have been more wrong.


I encourage anyone with a love of history and strong women to read this novel. It will leave you thirsting for more by Stephanie Thornton.