A tale of Stanzi and Wolfi

Mozart's Wife - Juliet Waldron

Prior to reading Juliet Waldron's view of Wolfgang and Konstanze Mozart, I knew only what I saw in "Amadeus".

Not a very flattering picture of either character. Waldron has created wonderfully intense characters. Stanzi was a very strong woman trying desperately to understand her genius of a husband. Mozart did not make it easy. A times I loved both characters, at times I disliked both characters.


Waldron's descriptions of 18th century Austria are just amazing. The reader is transported to another time in history. We meet Mozart's contemporaries, friends and foes.  


This is an incredibly well written, well researched novel. The reader is able to feel Stanzi's pain and distress over her husband, the death of her children and her less than perfect life with the musician. History has not been kind to Konstanze, this book may alter any preconceived ideas.



I give it 4/5 stars

Source: http://bookloversparadise.blogspot.com