She's a WITCH!!!

Puritan Witch: The Redemption of Rebecca Eames - Peni Jo Renner

Rebecca Eames...Wife, mother, grandmother, WITCH!!! She's a WITCH!


We look back upon the Salem Witch trials and wonder at how the hysteria caused so much damage. Witch hunts occured during 1692, the accusations more personal and political than anything else. You have land, I want it- you'r a witch! You were mean to me and uttered sarcastic comments- you're a witch! You have a birthmark on your face- it's a sign of the devil and...well you get the picture.


Growing up in Massachusetts, not too far from Salem, I've visited all the sites. Been to the witch museum, Gallows Hill, the cemeteries. Heard the stories about Giles Corey, Dorcas Good, Rebecca Nurse and many others. I enjoy reading about the individuals accused during this dark period in America's history.


Rebecca Eame's was an intersting charcter. She actually confessed to the sin of witchcraft, and she implicated her son Daniel. She stated he was baptized by the devil himself! She later retracted her confession and was eventually exonorated. However, her life was essentially ruined by this event.


This is an extremely readable and fascinating story. Many of the women familiar to students and readers of the witch trials are featured in this book. The author, Penni Jo Renner, is actually a descendant of Rebecca Eames. This makes the story even more interesting! Renner doesn't sugar coat anything. We see Rebecca with all her flaws. We see the pain Rebecca and her family suffered as a result of the trials.


I really enjoyed this book. Ms. Renner has written a fascinating book. I was not able to put it down and actually re-read the book once I was finished. If you are a fan of biographies, Salem witch trials or American history, you will most likely enjoy this well written, well researched book. I give it 5/5 stars.