Sinners and the Sea, the story of Noah's wife.

The Sinners and the Sea: The Untold Story of Noah's Wife - Rebecca Kanner

Fabulous story.


To oversimplify, it is a tale told through the eyes of Noah's unnamed wife.


She tells of her childhood when she was shunned as a'demon', so called due to a port wine stain on her forehead. She tells of the sacrifice her father made raising and caring for 'a demon child' as a single parent, and finally her life as a wife, woman and mother.

An unvarnished look at herself and others. Life in a sinful town, living with sinful individuals.


The characters in this story seem real. Noah himself can only be described as angry and fanatical in his dealings with others for God. He would never admit it, but he feels superior to others because he is the one chosen to show others the way of God.


Noah and wife's children are very different individuals, as brothers are, with unique personalities. I can't say I truly 'liked' any of the boys. The townsfolk are far more interesting. They are a sinful lot who kill, pillage and destroy, however, some of them are more fascinating than Noah and his family.


When they finally get around to building the ark, the town residents constantly jeer and call them crazy. They constantly attempt to stop Noah from building.


My favorite part of this novel is the character development we see of Noah's wife. She who has no name grows as an individual, she strengthens and, in my opinion, has more moral fiber than Noah. We see the sins of everyone, even herself, through her eyes.


The book is slow moving, but definitely worth the wait. It must have been somewhat difficult to write, having very little information about Noah's wife from Biblical writings.


I must admit, I love the cover. Beautiful picture. Does she finally get a name? Just read and find out.