Kiya: Mother of a King

KIYA: Mother of a King - Katie Hamstead

This is definitely a book 'not to be missed'.


This is a continuation of Kiya's story. She is now Naomi. Hebrew woman. Labeled a harlot, a woman rejected by Pharaoh Akhenaten. We learn about her struggles after leaving the Egyptian court. Kiya returns to her home as Naomi. She has her children and the daughter of her dear friend. The jealous Nefertiti is still trying to kill her and her son, Tut, heir to the Egyptian throne.


Naomi is a strong woman. A woman who faces adversity and shines. This is a book not to be missed. If you liked the first story of Katie Hamstead's trilogy, you will love the second book. We see fantastic character development. I loved reading of Naomi's trek through life. Her relationships with others around and with her children.

I look forward to the next book in the trilogy.