Illuminations: A Novel of Hildegard von Bingen - Mary Sharratt

Mary Sharratt has done it again. She has a unique talent for taking historical characters and creating fabulous stories about them. She did it with DAUGHTERS OF THE WITCHING HILL  if you recall, I raved and raved about this book.


Now she does it with Illuminations. A fantastic story, about an inspirational woman.



Hildegard was a saint. I would have become bitter and angry if placed in a situation as she was, but she managed to rise above it and become an inspiration. A woman the church should look towards to represent all that is good and honorable in it's children.
Hildegard wasn't always sweet and kind, but she did make the best of her situation.

This is a fantastically written novel. It held my attention from beginning till end. When I turned the last page, the only thought going through my mind " I must find out more about this woman ". That is the hallmark of a fabulous writer.


Mary Sharratt, thank you for this story. You have enlightened me and encouraged me to learn more.