Claudia, Wife of Pilate

Claudia, Wife of Pontius Pilate - Diana Wallis Taylor

Well written, well researched story of an inspirational woman. Claudia is a character we know very little about. Diana Wallis Taylor has researched her life and introduced to us a women with visions of Christ. A woman caught in the middle of one of the most incredible events to ever happen. The crucifixion of Jesus.


We meet her when she is a young girl and watch her grow. She is taken from her mother and relocated to the Roman palace to become the ward of Tiberius. She is married to Pontius Pilate. Of Pilate, I felt sympathy as well as anger. He is an interesting character in this story. He does what he must, what he is destined to do to fulfill a prophecy. Claudia reminds her fellow Christians of this, Pilate did what he was destined, not what he wanted.


Later in life, we see Claudia as an amazing woman who overcomes many obstacles to live the life she wants.


This is a well written book, I will definitely read more by Diana Wallis Taylor