Murder, Mayhem and Mystery in Ancient Greece

Oracles of Delphi: A Novel of Suspense (An Althaia of Athens Mystery) - Marie Savage

Murder, Mystery and Mayhem in Ancient Greece.


I couldn't wait to read this book, and quickly zipped through the story. This well written historical novel revolves around incidents occurring at Delphi. Sound familiar?


Most people know of the Oracle at Delphi, but did you know of the cult of Gaia? The Earth Mother and Apollo sharing the same sacred land. Well, as you may guess, two powerful deities cannot share a sacred spot without problems.




The main characters of this novel are Althaia of Athens, a wealthy educated woman and Theron of Thessaly, a philosopher who assumes the role of ancient homicide detective, as well as a supporting cast of priestesses, priests, slaves and sycophants.


These characters are multi dimensional people. You, the reader, will have a vested interest in their personal lives. We become close to Althaia, Theron and the others and fear for them, we laugh with them and we cry with them.


I must say, I followed the clues of this murder mystery, but at the end, I was flabbergasted. I never saw it coming!


Marie Savage uses the backdrop of ancient Greece to masterfully tell a story full of intrigue while educating us on the religions and myths of ancient Greece. She is a wonderful storyteller. She expertly spins a tale and will leave you stunned and on the edge of your seat!


I hope she continues to write as I anxiously await her next novel.